Discover Things to do in El Nido

You’ll certainly won’t run out of options as far as things to do in El Nido is concerned. In fact, there are tons of interesting activities in El Nido Palawan that will surely make your vacation complete.

From scuba diving to zip-lining, you’ll surely get to enjoy unique and thrilling experiences throughout the island. Here are the activities in El Nido Palawan that you can try out for yourself:

Scuba Diving

El Nido is an excellent place to learn how scuba diving for beginners and master diving skills for professionals. This activity also allows you to explore the beautiful and colorful lifeforms under the sea. You also have the option to go El Nido snorkeling.

Overnight Camping

Want to enjoy the view of marvelous sunsets or dance to the bright bonfire at night? With overnight camping, you can surely have a wonderful night experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

El Nido Kayaking

Kayaking allows you to enjoy and explore El Nido’s lagoons and beaches on your own. With the right El Nido kayak gears, you can surely make for a fun and memorable experience from this activity.

El Nido Surfing

El Nido surfing is yet another activity you must try in El Nido. Many of its beaches have huge waves that you can ride on for that thrilling surfing experience.

Zipline El Nido

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then the zipline El Nido is one of the things to do in El Nido that you don’t want to miss. The island’s long zip line experience will surely awaken the thrill-seeker in you!