El Nido Island Hopping Tours

Author: GoWaves Travel Philippines
Published date: May 14, 2020
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el nido island tour

Taking an El Nido island hopping tour must be in your top list when visiting the destination. It is highly recommended, especially for first-time travelers, because it is hassle-free and affordable. Here’s everything you need to know about El Nido tours.

El Nido Tour Packages

Here are some examples of packages for tours around El Nido beaches:

El Nido Tour A

Tour A El Nido Island hopping will take you to Miniloc Island. There you will witness the Secret Lagoon where you can do activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. After that, the tour will also take you to other popular destinations such as the Big Lagoon and Shimizu Island. The journey will end with a sunset viewing at the 7 Commando Beach.

This tour can cost between $23 to $42. Also, no plastic bottles are allowed on the beaches, so leave them behind in your hotel accommodation.

El Nido Tour B

El Nido tour B will take you to the famous Pinagbuyutan Island, Snake Island, Entalula Island, and the Cathedral & Cudugnon caves. This tour package can cost between $23 to $31, which is slightly more affordable than tour A.

In the past, tour B was famous due to party boat tours. However, environmental policies recently banned these types of trips.

El Nido Tour C

The destinations for tour C usually include the Helicopter Island, Tapiutan Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, and Matinloc Shrine. Going to these destinations will also allow you to witness turtles up close and personal. The cost of this tour is similar to tour B.

Tips for First Time Travelers to El Nido

Here are some useful tips to remember if you are traveling to El Nido for the first time:

Go for mid-priced tours

Getting super affordable rates on tour packages may sound good, but paying a bit more will help you enjoy the experience better. Usually, when you book the lowest rate packages, the tour agencies will put you with plenty of other tourists so that they will save for the cost of offering low prices. If you have an extra budget, opting for a private tour is a better idea.

Smoking is not allowed.

When going on island-hopping adventures, refrain from smoking on the island. The El Nido Eco-tourism board is strict when it comes to their no-smoking policies, and those who are caught will pay a hefty fine.

Check the overall inclusion of the tour package.

You must be vigilant in checking the inclusion of the tour package that you will avail. Check whether the cost already includes environmental tax and drinking water. If it isn’t, you are more likely better off getting a more decent deal somewhere else.

Final Word

Without a doubt, the best beaches in El Nido will amaze you. However, you must make sure your experience is hassle-free and convenient. To do that, getting a budget-friendly yet high-quality tour package will make you have a fun adventure without significant worries. Also, refer to the tips provided above for a smoother overall experience.