Nacpan Beach Travel Guide

May 13, 2020
nacpan beach

When you hear the Destination El Nido, the first beaches that may come into your mind are the 7 Commando or the Hidden Beach. However, despite already having plenty of well-established beaches, El Nido still has a hidden gem called Nacpan Beach.

Nacpan Beach El Nido is not that popular with tourists because it is less accessible. However, its golden sand and vibrant blue waters rival those of Las Cabanas Beach. Moreover, Nacpan El Nido is secluded so you can quickly feel like the whole beach is yours and enjoy the tranquility of the water and the nearby scenery.

Transportation from El Nido to Nacpan Beach

From the town proper of El Nido, these are the transportation options to get to Nacpan Beach:


you can hire a tricycle from the town proper to Nacpan beach. One tricycle can carry 2 passengers and the travel time is around 35 to 45 minutes. The rate for hiring a tricycle to Nacpan beach is around 800PHp to 1000PHP for two passengers.


If you are a group of 4, you can hire a van from El Nido town proper to Nacpan beach. The cost per passenger is between 500PHP to 600PHP. The more passengers, the lesser the price.

What to Bring to Nacpan Beach

As a traveler, it is essential to prepare the necessary items for an adventure. Here are what you should bring, going to Nacpan Beach:

Waterproof Camera

Do not miss the opportunity of taking beautiful photos and bring with you a waterproof camera such as a GoPro.

Quick Dry Towel

Whether you will be taking a dip in the vibrant blue waters or hiking the magnificent rock formations, you would need to have a handy quick dry towel with you in Nacpan Beach.

Reusable Water Bottle

El Nido Nacapan is known for its no single-use plastic bottle policies, so if you do not want to be dehydrated, bring with you a reusable bottle of water.

Double Purpose Walking Shoes

Bring with you a dual purpose walking shoe that is compatible with swimming and hiking.

Accommodations in Nacpan Beach

Although Nacpan is not yet a fully established beach, there are several comfortable, and affordable accommodations offered nearby. Here are some of them:

Where2Next Nacpan

Where2Next Nacpan is 450 meters away from Nacpan Beach itself. It is also only 11 miles away from the famous Big Lagoon.

Nacpan Beach Glamping El Nido

Nacpan Beach El Nido Glamping is a newly built beachfront property with a vibrant and adventurous vibe perfect for solo travelers. They offer authentic Nacpan glamping El Nido tents at an affordable price along with a restaurant and a bar that plays music all night long.

Seaside Hue Resort

Seaside Hue Resort is a laid back accommodation in El Nido Nacpan Beach perfect for travelers with kids. It has an in-house restaurant and a quaint garden.

Final Word

Do not miss the chance to experience the Nacpan beach El Nido Palawan. It is more than just a beautiful beach because there are plenty of activities you can do there as well.